Day 59: Lakawon Island Daytrip + Taw Hai Floating Bar and Restaurant Budget Guide

“Saan ka dadalhin ng 10 Getgo points mo?” (Where will your 10 Cebu Pacific’s Getgo points bring you?)

My friend and I were one of the lucky ones who were able to avail of Cebu Pacific Airline’s fly for 10 Getgo points only. We were supposed to go to Islas de Gigantes via Roxas, but got rebooked to Iloilo because the Roxas flight got full. This gave us the opportunity to explore two cities instead. 

Because both of us were feeling beach-y, we decided to spend a day in Lakawon Island Resort. Most of our time was spent in Taw Hai Floating Bar and Restaurant. Who could say no to drinks and beach? Haha

If you’re traveling on a tight budget, the transportation alone from Bacolod city will eat up much of your budget.

The roundtrip boat ride to/from Lakawon Island is Php 300. There’s an additional fee of Php 250 if you’re going to Taw Hai. From the bus drop off point to the ferry, you’ll need to hail a tricycle that costs Php 120 for a special trip.

Here is our total expenses:

All in all, I would go back here and spend a night. We did not take photos of the resort as they’re still constructing some buildings, and it would not do the place some justice. I like how it’s not that crowded even though we went here during a kite surfing competition.

Credit: Photos without my watermark are taken by my friend.


Day 58: Solo Backpacking – Survive 5 Days in Macau and Hong Kong with Less Than Php 20,000 (or USD 400)

Ever wonder the cost of solo traveling in expensive cities like Hong Kong? Fret not as I’ll be posting here  my travel expenses plus some tips while being on a budget in Macau and Hong Kong.

Macau-Hong Kong Budget

My total expenses (excluding the souvenir expenses) = HKD 2809.40 or less than Php 18100 / USD 362 *Airfare/airport fees and taxes are not included as they are relative to where you’ll be coming from

Some money-saving travel tips:

  • Utilize the shuttle provided by hotels/casinos while in Macau

I stayed in Ka Meng Villa in Macau as it is walking distance from Senado Square and other spots. If my flight was not delayed for 30 minutes, I could board the Wynn Macau Shuttle from the airport and walk for about 15 minutes. The damage? 98 HKD

  • Stay in Hong Kong and have a 1-day trip to Macau instead

There’s no hostel in Macau. Compare if the cost of 1 night in a hostel in HK plus the ferry fare is cheaper than 1 night stay in Macau. Travel time is only for about 1 hour, and ferries leave every 30 minutes.

  • Befriend your neighborly convenience store

My meal and snack while in Disneyland already took half of my meal expenses for 5 days. Not good, dude.

My checklist when looking for a hostel:

  1. Proximity to bus stop/metro station
  2. Safety
  3. Neighboring buildings/communities
  4. Hotel reviews
  5. Proximity to restaurants
  6. Budget per meal for those restaurants
  7. Cheapaz option (aka alternative to restaurants)
  • Check the weather and bring appropriate clothes

Just when I thought my Asian body can handle 15 degrees Celsius, the Universe laughed at me and decided to further drop the temperature to 10 (and sometimes less than 10) degrees Celsius. Cost of defrosting my frozen fingers by drinking hot choco and coffee – HKD 95.00

  • Walk, walk, walk

Hong Kong has a good transportation system. They also have better sidewalks for walking. If you’re fit, having walking tours in Hong Kong and Macau will save you lots of moolah and keep your body fit. Two birds with one stone, right?

Preview of my trip here and here

Day 45: Preparing for My Solo Trip in Seychelles

I still have 10 days to finalize my solo trip in Seychelles. I’m already booked in Rowsvilla Selfcatering Guesthouse in Beau Vallon via Agoda. Even though this country is not backpacking-friendly, I’m still hoping I could keep my budget around 300 euros.

Because I’ll just be in Seychelles for 3 days, I’ve decided to stay in Mahe Island, though I would love to stay longer to explore Praslin and La Digue. Here’s hoping I could visit this country again for a longer time.

Any thoughts or recommendations for my Seychelles trip are appreciated.


Day 44: 2015 at a Glance and Things I’m Looking Forward to in 2016

It’s that time of the year in which we think of what happened this year, of what we would do in the coming year, and renew our bucketlist and New Year’s Resolution (if we ever managed to do one).

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Day 43: Camiguin (Mis)Adventure and Some Travel Tips


On the last day of our trip, my friend and I decided to leave Camiguin at 10 a.m. My flight to Manila (via Butuan) was at 8pm, while my friend’s flight was at 10pm (via Cagayan de Oro). The travel time took at least 8 hours, so we knew we had enough time as both of us were already checked-in. Or that was what we thought.

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Day 39: Why is the Batanes Airfare Expensive – Looking at it From the Technical Perspective

ba9Ah, Batanes. The northernmost province that is probably known as the point of reference for most, if not all, typhoons that pass in the Philippines. With a distance of about 365 kilometers, it is even closer to Taiwan than to Luzon. No wonder a certain country is claiming that this group of islands belongs to them, not to the Philippines. But hey, political remarks aside, who wouldn’t want this place that is rich with historical and natural beauty?

20140708_150641Most of the travellers I meet dream of visiting Batanes at least once in their lifetime. While I believe in the saying “If there’s a will, there’s a way,” there will be times in which it seems that the Universe is not being cooperative. And in this case, buying a discounted ticket to Batanes is already a test of faith. Just kidding. Or not.

If you have money to burn, the full fare to Batanes costs around Php 15,000 (approx 330 USD). The amount can go up or down depending on the season. If you are into budget travel, you may have to wait for 6 months to 1 year as the travel period offered in seatsales is mostly during offpeak season (also known as the typhoon season in the Philippines). However, you can buy a roundtrip ticket to Batanes at around Php 4000 (approx 100 USD). Yes, you need lots of patience to book a cheap flight to Batanes.

So why does the fare to Batanes cost too much? Here are some possible factors that affect the pricing of the ticket:

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Day 37 : Quick Post – 2015 Bucketlist and the Notorious Pre-Birthday Blues

I’ve been checking my 2015 bucketlist posted here and realized it’s already June, and I haven’t crossed out anything yet. Most of my previous trips are spontaneous, which actually are more exciting than the planned ones. Yep, no regrets there. I still have remaining trips for this year though. I’ll be back to Batanes this July, go to Camiguin for the Lanzones Festival this Oct, and if I managed to snag a good deal in airfare, I might go to Gigantes Island this August. I’m also thinking of backpacking abroad hopefully before the year ends. I guess I should say goodbye to spontaneous trips to go to all of these places. I’ll update this blog once my pre-birthday blues end. Too many things have happened, and I need to focus on other things first. Can’t wait to be back on the road. Cheers to more travels and adventure!

Day 36: An Introvert Traveler’s Survival Guide


Being an INTP, I always find it hard to keep my energy level whenever I’m with other people. What happens to me is that I am this perfectly sociable human being in the morning, then become a walking zombie in the afternoon. If things become worse (meaning I get surrounded by hyperactive people without any downtime), I become this walking grumpy zombie. No one wants to be like that, right? So here are some tips to recharge and maintain your sanity while you’re on the road:

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Day 34: Take Me to the Beach! (Aka 13 Beach Essentials)


Ever since April has started, my brain keeps on shouting “Beach! Now!” Even the 35.something degrees Celsius here in PH is forcing me to daydream of the waves and the sand beneath my feet. Mind you, I dreamed I was island hopping in Palawan last night.  To prove the point, fate (or whatever it is you believe in) teased me by letting me receive 3 beach invites for this weekend. One is to go to Baler – one of the great surfing spots (not that I surf), another is to go to Magalaya Island in Zambales – underdeveloped beach but provides serenity and has fewer tourists, and last is Anawangin Cove in Zambales – undeveloped but is more touristy. After soul searching for a few minutes, I’ve decided to go with my college friends to Anawangin.

So without further ado, here are my travel essentials for this trip:

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Day 32: Managing Travel Expenses – Domestic Trip with 3 Months’ Preparation

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a seatsale and a credit card.

– My travel mantra

Whenever I browse travel blogs/websites, I could see many people who commented that traveling is pricey. Also, this is a sentiment shared by my friends. A friend of mine even says she does not want to travel because she feels bad to spend her hard-earned money.

Planning a budget travel needs a lot of patience and effort. But it is possible.

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