Day 54: Photodumping Cambodia – Big Circle Tour in Angkor Wat

This is one of the highlights of our Vietnam-Cambodia trip. Make sure to have spare memory because there are many photo-worthy places here.


  • Photos without any watermark are taken by my friend.
  • Entrance fee for one day in Angkor Wat is USD 20/person. 
  • Always keep your ticket with you as they check it whenever you’re going inside the temple.
  • Wear appropriate clothes as some temples are really steep. Also, wear comfortable shoes and drink lots of water.
  • Start your Big Circle tour at 5 am if you want to see the sunrise in Angkor Wat temple.
  • Ta Prohm Temple is the one used in Tomb Raider. That’s the “tree-infested” temple you would visit.
  • We paid USD 20 for the tuktuk ride. We highly recommend our tuktuk driver, Mr. Tim, as he always checked with us where we wanted to go next. He also made sure we always had a bottle of water with us. He was referred by my friend as our tuktuk driver in Siem Reap as she was also happy with his service. You can reach him at Just wait for a day or two for his reply.

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