Day 40: Quick Weekend Getaway – La Union


I haven’t been out-of-town for a few months now because of work and puppy issues (I finally got a puppy!). So when my college roommate said that she would celebrate her birthday in La Union, I was like “hell yes!”

La Union, which is about 5-7 hours away from Manila, is known for having one of the good surfing spots in the Philippines. In fact, San Juan boasts of resorts that also offer surfing lessons. Because our plan is to get drunk be beach bums, we have decided to skip that part and just be, well, beach bums.


We booked a room at San Juan Surf Resort. Their villa for 4 costs Php 2860.00 (approx 61 USD), but this one does not include breakfast. Here is the complete room rates from their website :


You can check their website here for other information.

As we were in celebratory mood at that time, we decided to have our dinner in Flotsam and Jetsam because of its hippie vibe. The must-try drink here is Jeff Ortega’s 5-minute drink, which contains about 7 kinds of alcohol (not sure, as the bartender is really mum about the recipe). Last time I checked, this one is not included in their menu but is written in the board.


Our newfound friend dared us to drink this one in 5 minutes (hence, the name). Being competitive, we finished our drinks in 4 minutes. Blame us if they changed its name to 4-minute drink.

We left La Union the following day after lunch. Because we decided to act like responsible adults, we resisted the temptation to stay for another night. But heck, La Union, I will be back.


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