Day 36: An Introvert Traveler’s Survival Guide


Being an INTP, I always find it hard to keep my energy level whenever I’m with other people. What happens to me is that I am this perfectly sociable human being in the morning, then become a walking zombie in the afternoon. If things become worse (meaning I get surrounded by hyperactive people without any downtime), I become this walking grumpy zombie. No one wants to be like that, right? So here are some tips to recharge and maintain your sanity while you’re on the road:

  • Take advantage of social downtime

If you can already feel that your energy level is running low, you should recharge your battery once the group you’re in finally decided to calm down. If a power nap that lasts for 10 minutes does wonders for your body and mind, a 10-minute moment of peace does wonders for your sanity, too.

  • Learn how to say “no”

If other travelers invite you to join them but you’re already thinking of spending the afternoon alone in a coffee shop with a book, then you should ask to take a rain check. Just explain to them that you already have other plans, but will meet them afterwards.

  • Learn the art of solo travel

If being in a group is not your thing, then you should try solo traveling. Aside from the fact that you can control your itinerary and limit your people exposure, you can take your time and travel slowly. Heck, you even have plenty of time to be by yourself. Talk about soul searching.

  • Always bring an iPod or any music player

Better yet, bring a noise-cancelling headphone to stop people from talking to you. Just make sure that you practice safety rules while you’re on the road.

  • Take the window seat

There’s nothing worse for an introvert than to be stuck between two extroverts people while in the bus or in the plane.

  • Bring a book or an e-reader whenever you’re traveling

If you’re a bookworm like me, reading a book might be the easiest way to recharge your battery. You can do this even if you are beach bumming.

  • Surround yourself with other introverts once in a while

They will perfectly understand your sudden urge to clam up. Based on my experience, some of them can manage to include me in the conversation without actually talking to me.

  • Just be yourself

The world is not divided between introvert and extrovert. Some introverts are outgoing, while there are extroverts who are shy. What matters most is that you are true to yourself as people will learn how to accept you for who you are.


If you are an extrovert who wants to understand introversion, you may want to check this as it explains how to deal with introverts.

If you are not sure which type of personality you have, you can take this test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers.

I want to know what your introvert/extrovert survival guides are. Feel free to post them here. 🙂


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