Day 33: Where to Eat in Guimaras – Pitstop Restaurant

Guimaras, an island southeast of Iloilo in the Visayan Region, is known for producing some of the sweetest mango known to mankind. They even held Manggahan Festival (mangga – noun, Tagalog word for mango, pronounced as mang-ga) during April – May to promote mango industry. True to its nature, different products made from mango can be found in Guimaras – from dried mango to mango catsup to Mango Pizza.

2015-04-02 17.14.40(1)Mango Pizza, anyone?

Yes, you read that right. Pitstop, one of the recommended restaurants in this island, is known for serving food with a twist. Of course, the ‘twist’ is the mango. That’s why they are known to be the only restaurant that serves the ever famous Mango Pizza. Who wouldn’t drool over pizza topped with mango, green pepper, cheese and cashew nuts? But if you feel that the deliciousness of Mango Pizza alone is not enough to do justice to all the mangoes in the world, why not pair it with their Mango Spaghetti? spag Other mango-inspired dishes they serve are Adobo Twist, Baby Backribs in Mango and Mango Pancake.

Disclaimer : My friends and I paid for the food we tried in this restaurant. This post looks like an advertisement due to the euphoria experienced by my stomach after eating.

Pitstop Resturant

Location : San Miguel, Jordan, Guimaras, Philippines

Phone : 0063 33 581 2310

Website / Menu :

Details regarding Manggahan Festival can be found here.


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