Day 30: Survive Singapore with 250 SGD

Singapore is considered as one of the most expensive cities, if not the most expensive. Budgeting a trip here can be quite a challenge for backpackers as the hotel room can go up to SGD 130.00. That’s why I challenged myself to limit my budget to SGD 250 during my 2 nights’ stay here with friends.

164720_185162434828924_2980492_n(1)Just a quick note though, my friends and I already visited Singapore at least once. So we’ve decided to spend more time in Malaysia.

Day 01: Arrival and check-in

We arrived in Singapore at 1 in the morning and took a cab to the hostel we’d be staying at because the metro is not functional 24/7. We stayed in 5footway Inn Chinatown due to its accessibility from the metro station. We already booked this via Agoda so we didn’t have to take risk to look for a hostel at past 1 in the morning.

Expenses         Cost (SGD)        Total

Cab                              28 / 3              9.33   

Bed/pax/night          38.15                38.15 

Total: S$ 47.48


Day 02: Universal Studio

This is the highlight of our SG trip. We were lucky to find a promo in which the entrance fee is S$68 compared to S$74. It already includes S$5 meal voucher and another S$5 retail voucher. It’s a deal, right?

Expenses         Cost (SGD)        Total

Entrance fee                68                     68

Metro                           1.8                    1.8

(Chinatown – Vivo City)

Metro                            4                        4

(Vivo City – Sentosa)

Lunch (outside USS)   13.5                13.5

Locker (Jurassic Park)  4 /3             1.33

Water                            10                  10

Ben & Jerry’s        5.5 (-S$5 voucher)  0.5

Dinner                         7.5                     7.5

(Vivo City – Roasted Duck)

Shuttle                         Free                  Free

(Sentosa – Vivo City)

Metro                          1.8                     1.8

(Vivo City – Chinatown)

Bed /pax/night         38.15                  38.15


Fridge Magnet          5.9                      5.9

Postcard                    3.4 (S$5 for 3)  3.4 (for 2 postcards) 

Stamp                        0.6 x 2                1.2

Raincoat (it rained)    4                       4

Total: 161.08 (ouch!)

You can check here for the latest promo in Resorts World.


Day 03: Enroute to Malaysia

This is the start of our 5 hours journey to Melaka, 6 1/2 hours walking tour, and another 2 hours bus ride to Kuala Lumpur.

Expenses         Cost (SGD)        Total

Interstate bus            25                     25

(Singapore – Melaka)

Metro                          3.5                    3.5

(Chinatown – Lavender)

Total : S$ 28.5


Overall expenses: S$ 237.06


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