Day 28: Where Do Broken Hearts Really Go? Mine Had a Roadtrip Down South

Where do broken hearts go?

That Thing Called Tadhana (Tadhana – Tagalog, means destiny) is a local Indie film that tackles how two strangers who randomly meet in an airport develop friendship in which both of them attempt to mend their broken hearts by traveling.


Mace, (portrayed by Angelica Panganiban) was first seen in an airport in which she was throwing some of her clothes to accommodate the airline’s baggage allowance. Anthony (portrayed by JM de Guzman) was kind enough to offer that he could carry some of her baggage as he only had one luggage with him. It was later known that Mace went to Rome to be with her 8-year boyfriend, but she learned that her boyfriend was already with someone else. While having a drinking-slash-karaoke session, Mace announced that she would like to go to Baguio City. Anthony, being a laid-back person, went with her to help heal her broken heart.


Movie scene shot in Sagada

Aside from the hugot (aka quotable quotes) from this movie, it also tackles a topic in which most people, if not all, can relate to. People do crazy things when they get their heart broken. Some change their hairstyle (guilty!), some eat too much, and some travel.

When my boyfriend and I broke up in college, I did not do anything drastic, such as traveling across Luzon just because. Instead, I went on a spontaneous roadtrip to the middle of nowhere. My bestfriend, who was like my Anthony at that time,  was supposed to have dinner with me at a restaurant outside our campus. While looking at the menu, we both decided that what the hell, we should go to the next town to try the new restaurant. It was already past 12 midnight when we arrived in this restaurant, so we had to order quickly as the restaurant was already closing. On the way back, we both decided to drive straight instead of turning right in the intersection to go back to our campus. Call us crazy, but we only had enough money to buy dinner and probably some snacks during that time, we did not have any GPS, and we had no clear destination. After 2 hours of driving, we spotted a vacant lot, so we parked the car and gazed at the stars. Yes, 7 months of bittersweet memories replaced by that one single night.

So where do broken hearts go? Mine had a roadtrip from Laguna to somewhere in Quezon.


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