Day 18: U.A.E. – Visiting Jebel Hafeet

As this is my third time in Dubai, I consider it as my third home. I first came here in 2008-2009 to celebrate Christmas with my family. After graduating, I’ve decided to work here in 2011-2012. Now, I’m back for our annual family vacation. It’s nice seeing familiar buildings and eating in our favorite restaurants.


One of my favorite spots here is the Jebel Hafeet Mountain in Al Ain. Al Ain, which is located in Abu Dhabi, is about 2 hours away from Dubai. We could get here earlier if my brother-in-law decided to drive for more than 120 km/hr (that was without traffic). Also, wild camels can be seen beside the road. What is a trip to the Middle East without seeing a camel


Jebel Hafeet rises at 4098 ft. Visitors can stay in Mercure Hotel, a 5-star hotel located at the top. Unfortunately, we’ve decided not to stay as we chose to go to Dubai Outlet Mall on the way home for our pre-Christmas shopping.


Other places that should be visited here are the Al Ain Zoo and the camping ground. We also tried riding Toboggan after going down the mountain. I’ll post about it soon.


Note: WordPress for Android is used in this entry. As this is my first time to use this app, I’m not sure how the photos will look like after posting. 🙂


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