Day 15: Iloilo – Guimaras Trip

Iloilo City, aside from being known as the City of Love, is also known for its old churches, old houses and of course, La Paz Batchoy. Being a foodie that I am, I originally planned my trip to be for culinary purposes only. However, my colleague who grew up in this city and a couple I met while in Palawan convinced me otherwise. Even the typhoon Luis (international name: Kalmaegi) and the 3-hour delayed flight were not able to stop me.

20140913_194431Here is my supposed original itinerary:

Day 1:

0940 – Arrival / Check-in at Queen’s Pension House

1200 – Lunch at Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy

1300 onwards – San Joaquin Church / Garin Farm / Miagao Church / Iloilo River Esplanade

Day 2:

0800 – Jump-off at Ortiz Wharf to go to Guimaras

0930 – Check-in at Raymen Beach Resort

1000 – Island hopping

1200 – Lunch at Pitstop

1300 – Guimaras land tour

Day 3:

0800 – Check-out at Raymen

0930 – Jump-off at Jordan Wharf to go back to Iloilo City

1000 – Start of Iloilo city tour

1200 – Lunch at Breakthrough

1300 – Pasalubong (Souvenir) shopping at Biscocho Haus

1500 – Back to the airport

1715 – Departure

Here is what happened (no thanks to the delayed flight and bad weather):

Day 1:

1200 – Arrival

1230 – Jump off at Ortiz Wharf to go to Guimaras

1300 – Start of Guimaras land tour / lunch at Pitstop

1700 – Check-in at Raymen

Day 2:

0800 – Start of island hopping tour

0900 – Stuck at SEAFDEC due to rain and waves

1000 – Still stuck at SEAFDEC

1030 – Snorkeling somewhere in the sea / No island hopping due to high waves

1115 – Back to shore

1230 – Check-out

1400 – Jump-off at Jordan Wharf to go back to Iloilo City

1500 – Check-in at Queen’s Pension House

1730 – Jaro Cathedral and Jaro Belfry

1830 – Dinner at Deco’s Original La Paz Batchoy / Plazuela de Iloilo and Iloilo River Esplanade tour /

Souvenir shopping at Biscocho Haus / Casa Mariquit

Day 3:

0830 – Check-out at Queen’s Pension House / Quick breakfast / Travel to Miagao Church

1000 – Miagao Church and Molo Church

1200 – Lunch at Breakthrough

1300 – Dropped by in SM Iloilo

1600 – Arrived in Iloilo International Airport

1800 – Departure (another delayed flight)


Here are my expenses for this trip:


*This does not include the cost of souvenir I bought, the fare from Iloilo airport to Ortiz Wharf, fare around Iloilo City, airfare and the food in Breakthrough. The lovely couple I met in Palawan toured us in Iloilo.


Airfare and Airline:

My Manila-Iloilo-Manila ticket cost Php 2205.00 via Philippine Airlines. Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways also have daily flights to Iloilo International Airport.