Day 12: Batanes – North Batan Tour

Batan Island is the second largest and the main island in Batanes Group of Islands. Two tours are offered here: the North Batan tour and the South Batan tour. The North Batan tour takes up half of the day, while South Batan tour takes up a whole day. Better to arrange for North Batan tour on the day of arrival.

I went to Batanes during the typhoon season, so most of the photos I took had gloomy skies. I’m planning to go back here during summer, hopefully with my Canon 70D. Okay, I am still saving up for the camera but there’s no harm in wishful thinking, right?

Here are some places of interest in North Batan:

  • Mt Carmel Church

Mt. Carmel Church place reminds me of intimate weddings. It offers a view of the Pacific Ocean and the West Philippine Sea. Unfortunately, we were not able to go inside as the church was closed.


  • PAGASA Radar Station

PAGASA Radar Station is the northernmost radar station in the Philippines. This is also the reason many people think Batanes is a typhoon-ravaged place as Batanes is used as point of reference for the typhoons exiting the Philippine area of responsibility.


  • Fundacion Pacita Nature Lodge

Staying in this hotel is not cheap. As per our tour guide, the room rate here costs around Php 7000/night. Because most of us in the group were saving money, we decided to just have a drink in the restaurant so that we can go inside the hotel. Luckily, we were able to experience their dinner buffet after our Sabtang tour. Post about our dinner to follow.

Before, tourists could go inside to take photos, but the management changed the rule as the guests were being disturbed by the tourists.


  • Japanese Hideout/Tunnel

Batanes was not spared from the colonization of the Spaniards and the Japanese. This tunnel represented what happened in Batanes during World War II.

I’ve been to Corregidor, but this place spooked me more. I decided to just enjoy the tour inside the tunnel instead of taking photos. And it was dark inside. So there.

  • Valugan Boulder beach

This is no Boracay as the beach does not have any sand. Instead, boulders from the eruption of Mt. Iraya covered the beach.

This is my favorite spot in the North Batan tour because there is just something soothing with the waves hitting the boulders. Too bad the weather was gloomy when I came here. I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves 🙂



  • Vayang Rolling Hills

This is the spot in which you can just imagine Legolas running down the hill. Or hills, in this case. Hills upon hills offer spectacular view of the West Philippine Sea. We could see cows having a good time munching on those grasses.


Beware though: this needs a little bit of hiking. And it gets windy here. Seriously.


  • Basco Lighthouse in Naidi Hills

Basco Lighthouse is one of the three lighthouses in Batanes Group of Islands. Tourists can go inside the lighthouse and have 360 degrees view of Batan Island. It also offers a good backdrop for photo ops.



One item in my Batanes bucket list is to watch the sunset while in a lighthouse. So I’ve been to two lighthouses in Batanes, but I never got the chance to watch the sunset due to weather condition. If I can buy discounted tickets, I’ll go back to Batanes when the weather is good.


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