Day 04: On Pools and Waterfalls

Hidden Valley Spring Resort is located in Calauan, Laguna, about 2 to 3 hours away from Manila. Its main entrance is located in Alaminos though. This resort is located between 2 mountains, namely Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Makiling.

20140425_102053[1]It took us 1 1/2 hours before we reach Alaminos, and another 20 mins before we reach the entrance of Hidden Valley Spring Resort. We had to ride in a tricycle (Philippine version of tuktuk) to reach the entrance of this resort. The good thing is that they have a “rule” that the driver who will drop you will also be the one who will pick you up as this resort is really far from the civilization. One can see coconut plantations beside the road on the way here, and the road is not that well-maintained. However, being far from the civilization is what makes this place relaxing, especially for the nature lovers. And yes, there is no wifi in this resort. I also checked my mobile internet connection. And nadah!


Due to limited time, we decided to avail of their daytrip package. This costs Php 2200 per pax (around 50 USD). Also, it already includes lunch and merienda buffet that are served from 1130-1430 and 1500-1700 local time, if I (and my hungry self) remember it right.


Hidden Valley Spring Resort has 3 natural pools and a waterfall. However, guests are not allowed to swim near the falls, but are allowed to visit it. We had to walk for about 15-20 mins to reach the waterfalls, in which we were glad we did not have any kids with us.


P.S. The photos here were taken using my Samsung smartphone as my waterproof camera was broken (probably got wet, haha!). Also, I try to avoid bringing my prosumer cam whenever I go to the beach/pool as I have my underwater cam for that. Hence, sorry for the quality of the photos here.


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